Building Generational Wealth through Real Estate

Don’t you think that it is a lasting legacy that defines how wealthy are you? 

Building generational wealth is the top concern of high net-worth real estate investors. Reuben Bianchin, a senior portfolio manager, states that “Real estate is a pretty unique asset class with a range of underlying characteristics and strategies that can serve multiple purposes for an investor”. 

This being said, here are 5 exceptional tops for building generational wealth through real estate: 

1. Offset Low Interest Rates 

With interest rates at all-time lows, there’s an insatiable demand for yield. It is best time to dive into the market and score assets that would prove to be the building blocks of your lasting legacy. 

2. Adjust Your Exposure 

If you are aiming for higher net-worth, exposure of around 5-7% of a portfolio in real estate, including liquid REITs and illiquid real estate investments, would be appropriate. 

3. Consider Gifting Strategies 

Real estate is one of the most flexible options for gifting, allowing you to avoid estate tax headaches and transferring your legacy without any troubles! 

4. Invest in Emerging Opportunities 

Considering the e-commerce revolution as brought by the pandemic, supply chain management and logistic warehouses have emerged as the most prized real estate assets. So, it would be optimal to foresee the future and invest in similar estates. 

5. Leverage Capital Gains 

In property types such as multi-family and affordable housing, investing now will be a compelling opportunity for clients to do well through a targeted real estate strategy. 

So, are you determined to start working on building a generational wealth? Don’t forget us when you reach to the top! 

Good Luck! 

3 generations by the pool