Real Estate Investments

D3 Capital, a subsidiary of D3 Enterprises, is a real estate syndication company. We provide passive income opportunities for a variety of accredited investors in the commercial real estate arena. We focus on acquiring properties in multifamily apartment communities in the Midwest and Sunbelt states.

We pool accredited investors' money to purchase these large multifamily properties. We then renovate these properties, giving the units a fresher look and better amenities. These updates allow our investors to realize very attractive returns. In most cases, these real estate returns are taxed at a very low rate due to the significant depreciation such property tends to have.

Investment Goals

Long-term, Tax-sheltered Cash Flow. The investment horizon of each property purchase is anticipated to be 3-7 years depending on the asset type and class

Value Added

As an opportunistic company, we typically buy properties that are under performing, where we believe that through renovation, repositioning efforts, or superior management we can increase cash flow and ROI


As D3 progresses in its ventures, other paths will present themselves which can lead to further opportunities.

target returns

Net "Cash on Cash" returns are typically around 7-10% annualized.


Our targeted net levered IRR which captures both cash flow along with a gain at sale is targeted to be in the 12 - 15% range.


Our typical time line for investments is 3-7 years from purchase.