About D3 Capital

Founded in 2014

D3 Capital is a subsidiary of D3 Enterprises. We provide passive income opportunities to accredited investors in commercial real estate, with a strong focus on acquiring multifamily properties in Midwest and Sunbelt states. As our mission statement declares—Through Grit and Determination, we work to provide the best level of investments, returns, and growth to our communities.

We founded D3 to acquire fitness centers and commercial real estate. Our name was derived from the first letter of our owner’s last name, "D.” The 3 signifies that he is the 3rd generation entrepreneur and is also his favorite number.

Our inspiration comes from helping others improve their yearly passive cash flow from real estate investments and building generational wealth.

Our people set us apart from the competition. The strategic partnerships we have built with numerous people and firms have allowed us to achieve greater success, while the achievements and experience of our team members have opened new pathways for our company.

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Our Partners & Advisors

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Bo DePaoli

Cheif Vision Officer 

In 2005 Mr. DePaoli began working for ACMS Group, an industrial construction company whose operations included project management, construction management, and facility maintenance. Mr. DePaoli helped grow this business from $3 Million to $30 Million.

After leaving ACMS, Mr. DePaoli ventured into the fitness sector where he purchased 2 failing gym chains entering bankruptcy and turned them around in under 1 year from purchase.

It is now the goal of Mr. DePaoli and the team at D3 Enterprises to diversify, scale, and grow our portfolio of assets across various business sectors over the coming years.


John Azar

Strategic Partner 

John is the Founder and Managing Partner of Peak 15 Capital. A capital advisory and syndication firm servicing commercial real estate operators and sponsors in identifying, sourcing & securing their capital stack. John is also a Managing Member of MACC Venture Partners, a Southeast focus owner/operator of multifamily assets.  In his leadership of Peak 15, he directs strategic development, investor and client growth, and new acquisitions and syndications. He also heads the investment committee, capital management and growth.  John is also the head of the Peak 15 Coaching program for new syndicators and sponsors.


Francisco Herrera

Strategic Partner 

Francisco Herrera is the Managing Director at Peak 15 Capital, where he brings a unique and strategic approach for Business Development and Operations. Francisco leads the deal sourcing and vetting process, financial analysis, day-to-day operations and business development.